Technical Report

Prepared by: David Richardson (Director Construction Consultancy for BRE)

Introduction to the report

With the development of the Technik Floor™ system it was essential to provide absolute confidence in the product by means of a thorough and diligent testing regime. In order to ensure that the testing regime was comprehensive we commissioned Arup Engineers to develop the testing programme and Building Research Establishment to implement the physical testing. The tests that were subsequently undertaken are in our opinion considerably more comprehensive than would normally be undertaken with a traditional floor system to the point where we are even able in the situation of flooding to predict the likely performance of the system both during flooding, directly after and once dry. In order that the results of the testing regime can be simply interpreted Arups have also produced a performance appraisal document. 

All of the testing results and including the appraisal of performance document can be downloaded from this page.

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