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February 2008

43% Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Results from a recent environmental study of the Technik Floor™ system indicate that for every 1m2 of the system used in lieu of paving installed traditionally on screed with sand & cement bedding, a Carbon Dioxide saving of 43% or 12.4kg is delivered. This information simply reinforces the advantages of the system not simply from a commercial and programme built also from an environmental perspective.

July 2007

BAA get on board with Technik Floor™

BAA have signed off the Technik Floor™ heavy duty system for a 50,000m2 flooring project within a new pier being constructed at Heathrow Terminal 1. The sign off by the BAA technical leadership team followed many months of testing and trials and now places Technik Floor™ in the position of being a pre-approved BAA flooring system. The new upgraded (Heavy Duty) Technik Floor™ system has been designed specifically for heavy loads and high foot fall, such as airports, rail station and retail environments and for the T1 project the system has been extensively tested for loads expected to be imposed by the largest planned access equipment, which is a 3000kg telescopic MEWP.

Tests have also been undertaken to replicate breaking forces associated with the turning and breaking of electric buggies. The tests were carried out on 10m * 6m section of floor structure constructed as designed for the actual T1 project. Precast concrete planks were installed within a laboratory at the BRE and Technik Floor™ on 500mm pedestals was then installed on top of the planks. The precast planks were installed spanning 10m to replicate the deflection expected under live operation of the T1 project. The design uses the void between the Technik Floor™ and precast structure as an air plenum, hence the 500mm pedestals. The testing regime was developed in conjunction between the BAA technical leadership team, Arup and Grants.

January 2007

Arups journal includes statement on Technik Floor™

The materials development division of Arups have included an article on the development of the Technik Floor™ system within their globally distributed journal. Arups obviously feel that the Technik Floor™ system is a significant step forward in prefabrication within construction and to this end have included this article in their global monthly journal which is distributed to Arups employee's throughout the world.

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January 2007

Building magazine feature Technik Floor™

Following the official launch of Technik Floor™ Building magazine committed a full 2 page feature on the system in their January publication.

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November 2006

Technik Floor™ Launch held on the 6th November 2006

The official launch of the revolutionary Technik Floor™ system was held on the 6th November 2006 at the 51 Lime Street project site. The launch was well attended with representatives from leading publications such as Building magazine and Natural Stone Specialist. Architecture was represented by practices such as Eric Parry, KPF, Fosters & HOK to name but a few. Clients were represented by Mace, Stanhope, British Land, BA, BAA and Bovis Lend Lease. The launch was opened by Stanhope Director of construction Steve Moschini, followed by a presentation on the technical aspects of the system by Ove Arup Director Bruno Miglio.